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  1. Colorado Communities Overturn State Law Restricting Municipal Broadband Networks

    Earlier this year, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) angered a number of states by pre-empting their laws restricting or prohibiting local governments from creating municipal broadband networks. In all, 19…

  2. Is Ad Blocking Software Finally Forcing Advertisers to Build a Better Internet?

    When the Internet was designed for dial-up access, Internet advertising was simple. Banner ads added to page load times, but at least they were easy to ignore. And, oh, how…

  3. Federal Bill Could Lower Fiber Infrastructure Cost

    On October 22, two members of the House of Representatives introduced the Broadband Conduit Deployment Act of 2015. Chairman of the Communications and Technology Subcommittee, Greg Walden (R-Ore.), and the…

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  4. The Guide to Technology Audits for Educators: Making the Case for Upgrades

    Much like financial audits are an independent, typically third-party review of an organization’s financial records to ensure compliance and accuracy as well as to provide a picture of the overall…

  5. FirstNet: Another Path to Rural Broadband?

    Photo We frequently discuss the federal agencies working to improve broadband access in this country. The Federal Communications Commission is probably the most important, but the Department of Agriculture…

  6. Video Killed the Radio Star. Will Broadband Kill Radio?

    For three decades, MTV was the most influential medium in music. But for the last decade, people who want to see and hear their favorite artists haven’t turned on the…

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  7. Is 10 Gbps the New Gig?

    Somehow, Chattanooga, Tenn., always seems to find itself at the forefront of connectivity. The town even labeled itself “The Gig City” after rolling out its municipal gigabit network in 2010….

  8. XFINITY Testing Unlimited Residential Internet Data Plan

    On October 1, XFINITY® began testing a new data usage policy for residential Internet access in Miami and the Florida Keys. As it stands now, XFINITY subscribers get 300 GB…

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  9. Broadband Opportunity Council: Here’s How to Spread Broadband Access

    In April, we wrote about the formation of the Broadband Opportunity Council, a new federal government organization designed to promote the spread of broadband access. Co-chaired by the secretaries of…