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  1. Which State Has the Best Value for Internet

    By using metrics available from Ookla’s Speedtest, you can see how your state stacks up against the rest in terms of average speed, value (cost per Mbps), promise (advertised speeds…

  2. Internet Companies Work to Reduce Carbon Footprint

    It’s difficult to go through the day without leaving some type of carbon footprint in your wake. What you eat, where you live, and how you get around all impact…

  3. The FCC’s 2020 Vision for Rural Broadband

    In January, we wrote about the Connect America program, a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) initiative designed to help spread broadband access across rural America. At the time, the commission had…

  4. FCC Considers Online Privacy Policy

    In February, we wrote about President Obama’s desire to strengthen online privacy laws by giving the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) the power to fine violators up to $16,500 per day….

  5. Britain May Have to Ration Internet, is The U.S. Next?

    Researchers are suggesting Britain may have to consider rationing the Internet in a few years due to inadequate infrastructure. That got us wondering if that could become a problem we…

  6. How Much Should I Be Paying for High-speed Internet?

    Gone are the days when a dial-up Internet connection was the only way to access the Web. Today, consumers have several high-speed Internet choices, including DSL, cable, satellite, and fiber…

  7. California Ranks Only 18th for Fastest Internet

    Despite having the reputation as one of the most tech-savvy states in the nation, California’s average Internet speed is only the 18th fastest out of the 50 states. How is…

  8. AT&T Asks: Do You Dig the Gig?

    In October 2014, AT&T joined Google as a gigabit-capable Internet provider by launching its 1 Gbps Gigapower service in Austin, Texas. It then added Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Miami and other…

  9. Facebook’s Total Internet Domination

    If you’ve been online within the past year, which we know you are right now, you’ve probably noticed that Facebook is connected to, well, just about everything. We can’t help…