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  1. UPenn to Offer New Class, “Wasting Time on the Internet”


    There have always been jokes about easy or absurd college courses. A simple geology class becomes “Rocks for Jocks.” I can recall my alma mater offering courses that included “Methods…

  2. 5 Ways the Internet Has Saved Thanksgiving


    With Thanksgiving only a few days away, it seems appropriate to take a look at some of the ways we can use the Internet to make the holiday even better….

  3. Which U.S. Colleges Boast the Fastest Internet Speeds?


    Students’ relationships with the Internet have changed since I was a college freshman in 1997. For virtually all of my classmates, the school’s shared T1 line was our first taste…

  4. Most Corporate Networks Value Speed over Security


    You’re smart when it comes to online security. You have complex passwords for your online accounts, and you know how to sniff out a scam. Sometimes, though, the security of…

  5. How the Internet Changed Social Activism


    Few discount the Internet’s role in changing traditional roles, both public and private. Activism has also transformed in recent years, as the Arab Spring and its social media “revolution” rekindled…

  6. Going Online While On the Go


    For some, travel means casting off the shackles of email inboxes and disconnecting from the online world. But, for others, staying connected is a necessity, whether it’s to send in…

  7. Are We in a Tech Bubble? If So, What Happens Next?


    A lot of the tech world’s power and wealth is concentrated in the industry’s largest companies, like Google and Facebook. We are witnessing massive valuations of companies, from Uber recently…

  8. Changing the White Male Face of the Tech Industry


    On San Francisco’s Valencia Street, in the early morning, a group of people stand near a public bus stop. They aren’t waiting for public transport; they’re waiting for their hi-tech…

  9. There Are More Ways to Get a Gig than Fiber

    copper wire

    Many of us got our first taste of high-speed Internet via a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL). Typically operating around 1 Mbps at the time of its early adoption, this technology…