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  1. Internet Access a Right or Privilege?

    For many consumers in rural America, the lack of available broadband Internet access has to be frustrating. In some parts of the world, though, consumers actually have a right to…

  2. Choosing the Right Domain for You

    A website domain is the gateway people use to access your digital content, so it’s important to choose the right one. With so many options available, it can get confusing….

  3. U.S. Ranks 16th for Internet Speed

    Every quarter, cloud service provider Akamai releases its State of the Internet report, providing a global online security, access, and speed. The report provides a detailed state-by-state look at, well,…

  4. Buying Wireless Routers

    Buying a wireless router to connect the computers in your home can be a confusing task. With all the numbers and technical jargon, it can be difficult to ensure you’re…

  5. The Latest in Broadband Regulation

    In January, President Obama said that high-speed Internet access is now a necessity for America, rather than a luxury. He urged the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to use its power…

  6. How the Internet Is Killing Religion

    The U.S. has always had a strong religious background with only eight percent of citizens considering themselves non-religious as recently as 2003. Today, the number of Americans who consider themselves…

  7. How the Internet Altered Family Dynamics

    The Internet makes it simple to stay in touch with relatives, no matter where they live. You can Skype with cousins across the country on a daily basis or get…

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  8. Can We Trust Google to Find the Truth?

    While the web is full of legitimate, creditable resources, anyone can buy a domain and fill it with undocumented, unreliable information. If the person doing this is good at Search…

  9. Playstation Vue Vying for Cord Cutting Market

    In December, we reported that Sony would soon offer a 75-channel streaming TV service called PlayStation Vue. Now Sony released new details about Vue containing both good and not-so-good news….