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  1. Seattle Study Says Municipal Broadband Network Will Cost over $500 Million

    Last month, we reported on Seattle’s interest in building a municipal gigabit network. The city commissioned a study to examine the feasibility of doing so—Seattle’s fourth such study, actually. That…

  2. How to Know if You Have Internet Addiction Disorder

    Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) is a psychological problem that affects as many as 420 million people around the world. If you feel you or someone you know is making a…

  3. Huntsville, Alabama Could Have the Fastest Internet in the Country

    Last December, we wrote about Huntsville, Alabama’s quest to become the next gig city. It wasn’t the next in line after Chattanooga, but when its new network comes online, it…

  4. How much speed do I need to watch Netflix and Hulu?

    Every streaming service has different Internet speed recommendations for making it work properly. Even Netflix and Hulu, the two most common streaming services, have different recommended speeds. Below you will…

  5. How Fast is Fiber?

    Short answer? Really, really fast. Slightly longer answer: Faster than any other type of Internet out there. The word Fiber refers to the type of cable that is carrying the…

  6. Megabits vs. Megabytes and Why it Matters

    Bits Mbps means “megabits per second;” Mbps is a measure of the amount of data that can be transferred within one second, and it’s commonly used to quantify Internet speeds….

  7. Australia Ranks 44th for Average Internet Speed

    Akamai’s State of the Internet Report ranks Australia 44th in terms of average Internet speeds worldwide. If you’re traveling to the Land Down Under soon, be sure to plan ahead…

  8. Video Streaming Now Over Half of All North American Bandwidth

    A new report from Sandvine, a Canadian online analytics company, claims that streaming video now accounts for more than 50 percent of all North American bandwidth. Although we’ve known for…

  9. The Internet of Me (IoM) Can Improve Your Health

    The Internet of Things (IoT) involves the systematic interconnection of technology, making ordinary devices and appliances capable of interacting to make life easier. It takes things like alarms, lights, and…