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Nine Things Everyone Needs To Know About The Web

The internet makes us feel like we have all the knowledge of the world right at our fingertips. However, in all truthfulness, what we don’t know would fill an ocean. So, here are nine things you, me, and everybody else needs to know about the Internet.

1. You Are Not The Center Of The Universe

It’s true, technology is making the world a smaller place, but that just means there’s less elbow-room for this planet’s seven billion inhabitants. It’s easy to start believing that our, very own, online experience is all that’s going on in the world and that our occasional comment to a bona fide superstar somewhat entwines us. Fact is, if you weren’t the center of the universe before you got on the Internet, you aren’t one now.

2. Your Blog Isn’t Really That Popular

Trust me when I tell you that your blog really isn’t that popular. I should know, I’ve started enough of them—some of them damn good ideas—that, sadly, went exactly nowhere, and I’ve got talent! Truth be told there’s a lot of blog competition out there, and it’s truly a lucky thing to attract loyal followers who aren’t blood relatives. Without some kind of unique hook, like commentary actually written by your dog about how he took you two-out-of-three in chess, chances are your words will simply become fodder in the ether.

3. You Will Stop Answering Your Own Questions

You will eventually stop seeking an answer to your every question. Instead, you’ll post them in an online forum, or on one of your many social networking or social media websites. After that, you’ll sit and wait as others offer up their answers. There’s a weird element to all this, and it’s the fact that while you’ve given up answering your own questions, you’ll gladly provide all the answers your online friends can think to ask. It’s truly strange being someone else’s brain!

4. It’s A Conspiracy Against You!

Whenever you’re pressed for time, or need an answer, like you’re on Jeopardy, or are trying to impress someone with a new online video or song, your internet connection will fail you in some form or fashion. You may go offline entirely, which is generally reserved for when we’re most pressed for time, but it could be as simple as a buffering issue, which will slow your download down enough to make your curse, or curse twice if you’re already prone to cursing. Rule of thumb: If you want to be late for an appointment, open your email for a quick peek just before you walk out the door.

5. Your Personal Information May Not Be Safe

Even in the physical world, someone could steal your mail or your wallet and would suddenly find themselves in possession of your most personal information. For some reason, however, people tend not to safeguard their online information to the same extent as their offline information. Crooks and criminals are abound online, and there’s no shortage of scams and scammers waiting to separate you from your money, your name, your social security number, and perhaps a whole lot more. Protect your information and refuse to share with anyone but the most trusted of websites.

6. No One Gives Away Money

Email scams have been happening since two seconds after email was invented. Here’s a stone-cold fact: No one from some African nation you’ve never heard of managed to find you personally. They’re not royalty, they do not have millions of dollars in a bank only you can access, and they do not wish for god to bless you. They only want your money. The old adage of ‘if it seems too good to be true then it probably is’ applies doubly-so for emails that automatically wind up in your junk email folder. Don’t fall for any email scams and you will probably manage to hold onto your cash and identity until you’re ready to give up both.

7. Not All Things Are Created Equal

The internet may be all things to some people, but what it definitely is for everyone is unpredictable. Some days will be smooth sailing, and others choppy and dangerous. Some days all of your downloads and your overall surfing experience will be totally awesome, other days, nothing seems to go right. All systems are dependent on so many factors just to operate properly it’s actually quite amazing it comes together as nicely as it does most times. Just remember, your mileage may vary.

8. Great Deals Do Abound

There truly are some great shopping deals to be found on the internet. In fact, I can’t imagine shopping at a ‘brick-and-mortar’ store without, at least, doing a little online research. Large shopping sites, like Overstock, eBay, and Amazon offer a wide range of products that often have price tags that can’t be matched out in the physical world. Take your time, shop around, check out all the options, and then pull the trigger on a sweet deal.

9. Sometimes People Aren’t Very Nice

The online anonymity offered by the World Wide Web is attractive to many people on many levels. It’s hard to say whether most people remain fairly civil under that cloak of anonymity, but one thing’s certain: a percentage of online users are downright, positively mean-spirited. No accountability is too much of a green light for some people, and if you spend enough time online you’ll discover this little internet truism for yourself.

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